How Fusion Recovery and BlueCross BlueShield are Tackling Cocaine Addiction in New York

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The cocaine addiction problem is a heavy burden that impacts individuals and communities across America, not excluding New York. The harsh consequences of cocaine use on both physical and mental health, coupled with its societal impact, underlines the dire need to confront this issue effectively. Teaming up with Fusion Recovery and BlueCross BlueShield, a considerable push is being made to combat the cocaine addiction crisis in New York and extend wide-ranging treatment and support for those in distress.

In this article, we will dig into the collaborative efforts between Fusion Recovery and BlueCross BlueShield while examining the potential benefits of this collaboration in tackling cocaine addiction in New York. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Understanding Cocaine Addiction – Background Information

New York has a serious cocaine addiction issue on its hands, with a heap of folks battling this nasty addiction of an affliction. A paper from the Department of Health paints quite the grim picture – overdose deaths tied to cocaine have been climbing in the Empire State since 2010. Meanwhile, national poll data tells us that across America, reported cocaine use over the last month stayed constant between 2015-2016 and 2017-2018; but shot up among New Yorkers. In fact, in 2017-2018, 69.3 percent of NYS respondents reported perceiving great risk from using cocaine once a month.

Yearly OD fatalities involving cocaine (except for a small decrease in 2018) have gone up every year between 2013 and 2019. Now, we’re talking about deaths where an overdose was confirmed as the cause, and cocaine showed up on their death certificate as one of the culprits. You can also find fentanyl on many death certificates, showing how opioids fuel this uptick.

The overdose death toll connected to cocaine in the Empire State ballooned from 388 in 2010 to 503 in 2014, marking a surge of about 30 percent. Then, over the next half-decade, this number skyrocketed even further, reaching up to 1,320 by the close of 2019 — that’s a shocking escalation of more than double figures at 240 percent compared with the base year. In light of the ongoing opioid overdose crisis and the widespread presence of fentanyl in the street drug market, this steady increase warrants a closer look.

Cocaine is categorized as an upper drug – it can trigger a sense of attentiveness or intense joy if snorted, lit up, or jabbed into the skin. This illicit substance is addictive and can be found in powder or rock form (“crack”) and coca leaves. Deemed illegal for casual use or possession on American soil, dabbling with it could lead you down a dark path embarking on the loss of hunger, unrealistic apprehensions, and worst case scenario – cardiac arrest!

Fusion Recovery – Tackling Cocaine Addiction in New York

Check out Fusion Recovery over in New York. It’s a well-respected addiction treatment house offering inclusive services to folks fighting drug addiction. Here’s what to know about their drug addiction treatment:

  • Living-In Rehab – Fusion Recovery hosts a living-in rehabilitation program for people needing intense, 24/7 guidance and support. In this organized setting, folks get individualized treatment schemes built to meet their specific needs.
  • Home-Based Programs – They offer home-based programs, too, letting individuals continue with therapy while staying at home or another supportive place. These programs offer flexibility that lets people maintain their daily routines while getting the required help.
  • Treatment With Medication (MAT) – They latch onto medication-assisted treatment, which blends meds with counseling and behavioral therapies to tackle addiction head-on. MAT tends to work wonders on opioid addiction – helping individuals cope with withdrawal symptoms and lower cravings.
  • Peer Groups – Fusion Recovery acknowledges how vital peer support is during the recovery period. Therefore, they offer peer groups where folks can link up with others having similar experiences, share their difficulties and victories, and gain inspiration and direction.

BlueCross BlueShield’s Role in Cocaine Addiction

BlueCross BlueShield is a significant player in the fight against cocaine addiction, footing the bill for detox, rehab, and therapy for those battling addiction. They understand that substance use disorders need addressing and have plowed resources into initiatives that can help people seeking treatment.

Let’s unwrap what BlueCross BlueShield brings to the table to combat cocaine addiction:

  • Insurance Coverage – With a policy from BlueCross BlueShield, therapy, rehab, and detox for cocaine-addicted individuals are typically footed by their insurance. This means folks can access vital treatment services without the worry of financial strains.
  • Substance Use Resource Center – A nationally available lifeline is available to individuals courtesy of the Substance Use Resource Center established by BlueCross BlueShield. It’s chock-full of crucial info and advice for those embarking on the treatment journey and their families.
  • Investment in Quality Treatment – Investing in quality treatment options isn’t new turf for BlueCross BlueShield, which has backed things like the Shatterproof Rating System for Addiction Treatment Facilities. This system serves as a beacon guiding patients toward high-quality drug abuse disorder treatments, ensuring care offered is both potent and based on solid research evidence.

Partnership Between Fusion Recovery and BlueCross BlueShield

Fusion Recovery and BlueCross BlueShield are getting serious about cocaine addiction in New York. Together, they’re joining forces to boost access to top-notch addiction treatment services and champion prolonged recovery for people battling addiction.

BlueCross BlueShield tends to team up with healthcare players to propel value-driven care. On top of that, they offer treatment finder tools and support circles to guide folks in finding the help needed in combating addiction. Meanwhile, Fusion Recovery is loaded with a variety of all-rounded addiction therapies like residential rehab, walk-in programs, drug-assisted treatments, and backing groups.

By pooling together their know-how and arsenal of resources, Fusion Recovery and BlueCross BlueShield can supply individuals with holistic care and backup required for a lasting recovery. Let’s delve into the potential benefits this alliance brings to the table:

Open Doors to Quality Treatment

This collaboration aims to open doors to top-notch addiction treatment for those wrestling with cocaine dependence. With a blend of the resources and know-how from both parties, those fighting this battle can get rapid and complete care.

All-Inclusive Care Strategy

Pulling together Fusion Recovery’s prowess in nailing addiction treatment and BlueCross BlueShield’s conviction for worth-based care might bring about an exhaustive approach to combat cocaine addiction. They may whip up a mixed bag consisting of residential rehab, outpatient programs, meds-assisted treatment, and support circles – all custom-made depending on individual requirements.

Pocket-Friendly Benefits

With their eyes set on trimming health expenses through cost transparency and quality holdup, BlueCross BlueShields insurance might steer folks hunting for addiction remedies towards ample savings. It could potentially make therapy more reachable economically so nobody misses out when help is needed.

Peer Support for Tackling Cocaine Addiction in New York

BlueCross BlueShield and Fusion Recovery have given a thumbs up to the real worth of peer recovery coaching. People can access peer recovery support through this partnership, which boosts treatment adherence and reduces healthcare expenses. Peer recovery support acts as a lifeline, spurring individuals with kind words and understanding as they journey toward recovery.

Value-Added Benefits

Members have it good with all the value-added benefits that Fusion Recovery and BlueCross BlueShield dish out. From cutbacks and guides to healthy gastronomy and corporate markdowns on well-being programs, these additional benefits help prop up folks in their recovery process and general health journey.


Cocaine addiction is a major problem in New York, with thousands of people struggling with this devastating disease. Fusion Recovery and BlueCross BlueShield have teamed up to combat this menace. Their joint effort is all about lending a hand, offering resources to those New Yorkers who are caught in cocaine’s deadly grip. BlueCross BlueShield isn’t just standing by either; they’re stepping up with their national designation program, their insurance policies, and the Substance Use Resource Center, providing hope and help for those grappling with cocaine addiction. To get more information about their insurance options, contact Fusion Recovery today!


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