Addressing Alcohol Abuse in NY: Fusion Recovery and MVP's Comprehensive Treatment Approach

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Addressing Alcohol Abuse in NY

Alcohol abuse is one of the biggest public health issues in the US. You’ll be shocked to know that over 29.5
million Americans suffer from it, with a major percentage of teenagers and young adults. Especially in New York,
statistically the most populated metropolitan city in America, a considerable percentage of adults and even high
schoolers suffer from excessive drinking, also known as alcohol abuse.

As the New York State Health Department reports, over 19 percent of the total adult population of the state has
a drinking problem that can be called alcoholism, binge or uncontrolled drinking, alcohol abuse, or the medical
term for it, alcohol use disorder.

Where many environmental and psychological influences can be deemed as the causing factors for alcohol abuse,
the fact cannot be ignored that it deeply affects not just the health but also the personal lives of its
victims. In addition to that, it also, in many cases, leads to serious medical complexities as well as public
disturbance and even crime. This can have long-lasting effects on the sufferer’s life.

Let’s have a look at some comprehensive treatment approaches for alcohol abuse. Which rehabilitation methods
are the best? How do you prevent victims from relapsing? And how are health services like Fusion Recovery and MVP
Healthcare addressing alcohol abuse in NY? Let’s find out!

Substance Abuse – An Overview

Before we indulge more on the topic of alcohol abuse and discuss various treatment approaches, let’s first have
an understanding of substance abuse. The use of any kind of substance, whether a medicinal drug, an illicit
drug, or any other substance, until it starts causing health issues, mental health issues, problems in everyday
life, or dependence is called substance abuse.

Drug abuse or drug addiction (heroin, cocaine, mushrooms, etc.), dependence or addiction to a medicinal drug,
and excessive alcohol use, also known as alcoholism, are in the domain of substance abuse. Substance abuse is
not something to be taken lightly. It must be treated as soon as possible as it can cause physical health
issues, mental health problems, social issues such as social stigmatization, financial issues, and issues with
the law.

What Is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is an umbrella term that generally refers to a variety of unhealthy alcohol-related behaviors
like excessive, uncontrolled, or binge drinking, addiction to alcoholic substances, and alcohol dependence or
alcoholism. In the DSM-5, the manual used to diagnose such psychiatric diseases, alcohol abuse was combined with
alcohol dependence and placed under Alcohol Use Disorder. This is why alcohol abuse is medically termed as
Alcohol Use Disorder.

Alcohol abuse is a big public health issue in the US, and in the majority of cases, it leads to different kinds
of medical complexities as well as social issues. As to what exactly causes alcohol abuse, the DSM-5 gives a
variety of environmental, social, and psychological factors. Excessive or unhinged drinking, avoiding important
responsibilities to drink, drinking during work, and drinking first thing in the morning are some early signs or
symptoms of alcohol abuse.

The Impact of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse severely degrades the sufferer’s physical health. According to the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention, alcohol abuse can lead to liver diseases, digestive tract problems, heart issues, high blood
pressure, stroke, and even different kinds of cancer.

Furthermore, alcohol abuse can even cause its victims to develop serious mental health problems such as
depression, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders. Physical and mental health degradation and alcohol abuse also
cause severe disturbance in the victim’s everyday life. This is why diagnosing and treating the condition as
soon as possible is so important.

The Problem of Alcohol Abuse in NY

Without a doubt, alcohol abuse is a big public health problem in New York. The city of New York is a business
hub, with the majority of its population consisting of employed people. These New Yorkers often stressed and
burnt out from their work lives, turn to having a few drinks at the end of the day. This behavior, when
repeated, often becomes a risk factor for alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse.

You’ll be shocked to know that alcohol abuse causes over four thousand deaths annually in NYC, as per the New
York State Health Department. These deaths can be prevented with just a bit of awareness and timely addiction
treatment. Thankfully, public as well as reputable private health services like Fusion Recovery are working
tirelessly to address and manage alcohol abuse in NY.

The Treatment Approach for Alcohol Abuse

The treatment process for alcohol abuse, like many other substance abuse or drug treatments, is divided into
three steps. These steps are screening, treatment, and recovery, and they, especially the first two, are carried
out in specialized abuse treatment centers. Let’s learn about them in detail.

# 1 – Screening

The very first stage of alcohol abuse treatment is screening. When you decide to get yourself diagnosed and
visit a rehabilitation center, the first thing that will be done is a complete screening. Healthcare
professionals will perform a thorough physical examination of your body. You will be asked about your medical
history, any underlying medical conditions or allergies, family history, and your other present or past

Screening also involves a psychological examination to judge how mentally the condition affects the sufferer.
You will be asked about symptoms, as well as how long you’ve been having problems with alcohol abuse. All this
information will help the healthcare professional devise the best, most effective treatment plan for you.

# 2 – Treatment

The second stage of the process is the actual treatment. The medical professionals will devise a comprehensive
and effective treatment plan based on your medical data. Usually, the very first step of treatment in alcohol
abuse involves detoxification. Detoxification involves completely removing alcohol from your body using special
drugs and treatments. Different therapies, such as behavioral therapy as well as group therapy, are given to
help you avoid alcohol use.

If the patient has difficulty avoiding alcohol use during the detoxification process, special drugs such as
naltrexone may also be given to help them suppress alcohol cravings. Naltrexone is a very effective medicinal
drug that is also used for treating opioid addiction.

# 3 – Recovery

The last stage of the alcohol abuse treatment process is recovery, which is, in many ways, the most critical
stage of the whole treatment. The now-treated patient is given psychological assistance and various therapies to
help them maintain their sobriety. This stage has the most chance of relapse, which is why it is so important to
stay dedicated and get proper aftercare.

Support groups are used to help the now-sober patients stay focused and dedicated. Various outgroup programs
may also be used to avoid the risks of relapse. For the patients and their loved ones, staying in touch with the
medical center is important to avoid complexities and ensure complete recovery.

Seeking Help for Alcohol Addiction

Where such a large population of New Yorkers suffers from alcohol abuse, it is even more surprising that very
few seek professional help. As of 2012, only 10 percent of people with alcohol-related problems or have ever had
them seek help. This percentage has only risen slightly since then, at 14.6 percent as of now, as recorded in a
survey by the Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration.

If you or a loved one shows any symptoms of alcohol abuse (as discussed above), get the necessary help
immediately. Fusion Therapy
is a certified health service that can help you manage your alcohol addiction. With
fully-equipped rehab centers all over New York, highly professional and experienced medical professionals, and
well-thought-out treatment programs that focus on harm reduction and recovery, you can be sure you’re in the
best hands!

Fusion Recovery and MVP’s Treatment Methods

Let’s look at some methods Fusion Recovery and MVP Healthcare uses to treat alcohol abuse. These methods
involve both grouped and individualized treatment techniques.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Inpatient or residential programs involve intensive and around-the-clock care at specialized rehabilitation
centers. The patients will reside at the rehab center for the course of their treatment, where trained medical
professionals will administer different kinds of treatment to them. These treatments can primarily include a
detoxification program, administration of medicinal drugs, behavioral therapy sessions, counseling, and sessions
with support groups.

Inpatient treatment techniques have been proven to be very effective for people dealing with severe alcohol
abuse. These techniques are especially necessary for victims who have reached the extreme stage of alcohol use
disorder and need immediate attention.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

An outpatient treatment program is much more flexible, as patients can receive treatment and care while
continuing to live their lives normally. There are specialized centers for such programs, where patients can
come and receive treatment according to their schedule. Outpatient programs are very flexible but still highly

Techniques used in outpatient alcohol abuse treatment include psychiatric assistance, therapy sessions,
administration of medicines, instruction on coping mechanisms, and sessions with support groups.

Recovery Support Services

Recovery is a critical process in alcohol abuse treatment, and it requires dedication and consistent,
professional medical attention. Specialized halfway houses, also known as sober houses, where recovering
patients can reside and receive 24/7 medical attention, can greatly help speed up the recovery process and
prevent the patient from relapsing.

Nutrition and Wellness

Alcohol abuse can seriously degrade a person’s physical as well as mental health, which is why proper nutrition
and well-thought-out wellness programs are important. Fusion Recovery provides professional nutrition and
wellness services to its patients that not only speed up the recovery process but also help them get back to
their normal lives much quicker.

Aftercare Treatment Services

Aftercare is critical not just in the treatment of alcoholism but in the treatment of any substance abuse. If
proper aftercare is not given to the patient, the chances of relapse can rise greatly. Fusion Recovery provides
exceptional aftercare services with personalized programs that help patients stay away from alcohol and maintain
their sobriety.

Final Thoughts – Addressing Alcohol Abuse in NY: Fusion Recovery and MVP’s Comprehensive Treatment Approach

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem in New York state. It can lead to various health problems, including liver
damage, heart disease, and cancer. Not only that, but it can also lead to accidents, violence, and even

There are many different effective treatment options available for alcohol abuse. These options include
inpatient and outpatient programs, support groups, and medication-assisted treatment. If you or someone you know
is struggling with alcohol abuse, please reach out for help. There are many resources available to you.

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