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Addiction can be an isolating disease, but through group therapy, you can build connections and understanding. Group therapy provides support and connection and is a very valuable therapy option for substance use disorders. Addiction group therapy may seem intimidating at first because you may not be used to opening up to others, but we are here to support you through your recovery. No matter your addiction, you may feel like you are alone in your recovery, but group therapy can help broaden your view. Group therapy can help you better understand your addiction and realize that you are not alone in this journey. Hear from others about their own journey and life and relate through shared experiences.

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Group therapy is central to addiction treatment. During these sessions , you will learn and practice important life skills and improve your communication skills. Group counseling is also highly effective in supporting recovery, developing coping skills, and improving your engagement in treatment. As part of our comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, group therapy will give you a better understanding of your experiences and emotions and a more positive outlook on recovery.

Fusion Recovery is committed to confidentiality. Group therapy sessions are run by our licensed therapists who are required to honor confidentiality. While confidentiality is a requirement for group members, it is not always guaranteed. That’s why we constantly strive for group unity.

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Benefits of
group therapy

Support and encouragement

Not only will you get support from your counselor, but your group members will support and encourage you in telling your story and hearing others’ experiences. These shared experiences will encourage you.

Different perspectives

Seeing issues from other perspectives may give you a different outlook on how to deal with challenges. This gives you multiple ways to look at yourself, issues, and your situation and the opportunity to enhance problem-solving skills.

Increased self-awareness

Participating in group therapy allows you to share your experiences. Through talking about your problems with others, you are building more self-awareness which gives you a better opportunity to understand yourself.

Sense of hope

Living with addiction can leave you feeling lost in life and hopeless for the future. Through others’ recovery journeys, you may find hope for your own recovery. Seeing the positive change and progress in others can inspire you.

Connections and relationship-building

Those battling addiction may have isolated themselves from their friends and family. Unlike individual therapy, which can also be beneficial, group counseling allows you to learn more about the life experiences of others, helping you feel less alone in your journey

Positive peer support

Receiving feedback from your group can empower you to help others.

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Our mission is to ensure that everyone receives the best possible quality of care- regardless of status- and to provide dedicated support to those struggling with addiction. Our commitment is to long-term healing, and we empower each client who walks through our doors with compassion and understanding. We offer a full continuum of care to our clients and help treat the factors that lead to addiction. Our licensed therapists are here to help you during your recovery journey.

If you have any questions about group therapy, addiction counseling in general, our facilities located throughout New York, or other addiction treatment programs , we are here to help you! Please reach out to us today.

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