Methadone Treatment

Methadone Treatment

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A new approach to methadone treatment.

Methadone is a prescription medication used to treat opioid use disorder (OUD). Methadone is used as part of a medication-assisted treatment program. It is administered daily in either a tablet or liquid form by a licensed opioid treatment program. At Fusion Recovery, our philosophy goes beyond just administering methadone. We believe that true recovery starts when you understand the root of your addiction. Our methadone maintenance program includes individualized treatment plans for our clients that includes therapy. 

Benefits of methadone maintenance treatment:

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Stops opioid cravings.

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Reduces withdrawal symptoms.

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Blocks the effects of opioids.

Safe and Effective Treatment.



During your first visit at Fusion Recovery, you will receive a complete physical and full evaluation from our clinical team to get a better understanding of your overall general health, the effect addiction has had on your body, and develop a treatment plan.



The switch from opioids to methadone is called stabilization. You will start with a low dose of methadone while we evaluate your physical withdrawal symptoms and mental state during this process. Once your mind and body are stabilized, you can move on to maintenance treatment and therapy sessions.



Once you are stabilized with the appropriate maintenance dosage, our clinical team will administer your dose of methadone daily until you can safely stop opioids completely. Methadone maintenance treatment can last from several months to several days of daily treatment.

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A methadone treatment program can help you remain on the right path in recovery. While methadone is a great start to treatment, at Fusion Recovery we believe that sustainable recovery takes more than that. With the compassion, support, and guidance of our experienced team, we offer therapy and treatment services that are the foundation of our program. We aim to help you uncover the root problem of your addiction and help you heal your inner wounds. Once you better understand your addiction, we can help you prevent relapse and free yourself from addiction.

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Myth vs. Facts.


You get high off methadone.


When taken as administered at an opioid treatment program, methadone does not make you high. When you first begin methadone you may experience some drowsiness, but once you are stabilized and we determine the proper dosage you will feel normal and have reduced opioid cravings. Methadone does not create the high you experience with opioids.


Methadone rots your teeth and bones.


While dry mouth is a common side effect of methadone treatment, a basic dental hygiene routine can help protect your teeth and gums. Achy bones are a symptom of withdrawal, and once you get the proper dose of methadone it should subside.


Methadone will damage your liver and other organs.


When you take methadone in the prescribed amount determined by a licensed opioid treatment program, methadone does not affect your liver or any other internal organs. Methadone is an FDA-approved safe medication to treat withdrawal symptoms in people with an opioid use disorder.


Methadone cures opioid addiction.


Methadone is not a simple cure for opioid addiction. Methadone is a tool to help you stop using opioids and begin to live a healthier life. Methadone helps reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, so you do not have the urge to use drugs.

Overall, methadone is a safe and effective treatment option for opioid addiction. If you have questions about our program or would like to learn more about Fusion Recovery and our methadone maintenance program, please reach out to us! Our staff is on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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