Sober Housing Options

Care Shouldn’t End After Treatment

At Fusion, we believe structure and a healthy environment are crucial in maintaining long-term recovery. That is why Fusion Recovery is proud to offer, through our affiliates, structured supportive housing at specific locations. This is a gender-specific evidence-based medical and clinical program with structured, supported housing available. If this program interests you, ask your admissions coordinator about the availability of our luxury accommodations.

What We

We understand where you are, and what you are capable of achieving.

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Take The Next Step

Fusion Recovery can offer the next step in your path to recovery. We are a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and outpatient friendly treatment center that offers day rehab, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient programs that rely on evidence-based treatment and recovery. Long-term success is our goal, and we believe that therapy and a structured housing environment can get you there. Ultimately, we want you to live your life to its fullest potential without the crutch of alcohol or substances.
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We Offer A New Beginning

You don’t have to go through recovery alone. At Fusion recovery, we believe that success comes through fostering meaningful connections. That’s why we offer mentorship from our senior residents, who fully understand what achieving sobriety looks and feels like, providing you a source of encouragement every step of the way. Our sober living facilities provide residents with a combination of freedom and support as we help you reintegrate into society. Although security and safety for our patients is a priority, we give them the right to come and go as you please.
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What Sober Living Means at Fusion Recovery

Our team is here to keep you focused on what works for your sobriety. We don’t believe in babysitting, but rather, ensuring that during the peaks and valleys of recovery, you are surrounded by a community that can strengthen your commitment to sobriety. Because recovery is hard work, balance is key.

We offer amenities and activities such as common meeting spaces, games, yoga, volleyball, and a coffee bar. We also include off-site recreation like sporting events, local art festivities, nature visits, and more. Our sober housing options provide a well-rounded environment to keep you engaged with others through healthy outlets.

Finish Your Treatment With Our Aftercare Programs

Fusion Recovery programs facilitate the last steps of drug and alcohol addiction treatment: outpatient treatment programs, MAT aftercare, and sober living. All clinical and medical services, such as MAT, are provided through referral and not the housing program directly. The centers offer structured aftercare programs that focus on accountability and support to help people transition back to daily living following inpatient rehabilitation. Our programs typically range from 90-120 days of off-site treatment programs, during which we strive to provide a safe transition from inpatient care to our facilities. Our goal is to help patients complete a large portion of their journey to permanent sobriety and a successful life in recovery. Find out more by contacting our staff at Fusion Recovery.
*Housing options are available with bi-weekly or monthly rental payment options. All utilities and furnishings included.

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